I am a Self-Published Author and an ICT Professional.

This makes me to be able to do a lot of eBook Publishing stuffs myself. Those that I can’t, I outsource them.

Should you need professional services in your eBook Publishing, below are some services I offer Indie Authors like myself. And on top of that, tones of personal experiences in ICT and Digital Publishing are also an added value features for you.

I have self-published 8 books on Amazon.com and 8 on smashwords.com. I think this will do, to assist anybody that want to publish on these 2 platforms and any digital publishing platforms.



1. eBook Formatting

2. eBook Cover Design

3. Content Writing

4. Publishing Assistance



I can help you to format your book in Microsoft Word to be made ready for uploading and publishing on Amazon.com or smashwords.com. I have done this for 8 of my self-published eBooks. So I know how to do it.

This is one of the most challenging aspects of eBook publishing. Is not uncommon to see a good eBook that is poorly arranged, with poor navigation, poor cover design, poor font size and type usage, with images floating aimlessly on the pages of the book.

In this service, your eBook will be well formatted with: - Proper eBook Layout - Clickable Table Of Content. - Hyperlink to sites or Social Media Pages. - Proper Navigation - Proper Font Type and Font Sizes. - Proper Image and Object insertion.



Professional eBook Cover is a must to get an attention grabbing books for sale. I can help you to outsource this to top rated eBook Cover designer at moderate cost.

I know the eBook Cover standard that is demanded by both Amazon.com and Smashwords.com and I have met it 8 times before. So you can be sure you will get an excellent eBook Cover design for your eBook.



I also offer content writing services to people on request. But that have to be in area of my interest. I can help you write content on a topic. I mean original, fresh writing, content that is not copied from anywhere but was born out of what you want.

The content could be used for an eBook, magazine or article.



You can be assisted while publishing your eBook. Many people are stock while publishing their eBook by themselves. May be their book was rejected and they don’t know what to do. Or have tried several times and yet could not scale through. You can be giving a Publishing Assistance services.

While you are publishing your eBook I will tell you what to do, or I will completely teach you how to do it.

Your location in the world does not matter much. As far as you have an Internet Connection, telephone line or Skype account and you speak English, you can receive a Publishing Assistance Services from me or be taught how to self-publish your eBook by yourself.



Should you be in need of any of the above services, please contact me, [as stated below]:telling me what services you want. Then I will send the Cost of Service and how to go about it to you.

You can count on me at any point in your eBook publishing journey.

Best of luck.


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